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SDNPA have today published their intentions for the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), a new system of developer charges which will come into force in 2015. 


The CIL, as introduced in previous Forum threads, will impose charges on developers who build new houses and supermarkets in the National Park and will be related to the size of each building – so bigger developments pay more CIL.  The CIL charges vary depending on location, with the majority of the National Park covered by the £200 charge for each new square metre of residential development. 


The funds raised will be spent on a wide range of infrastructure projects across the National Park and at least 15% will be handed directly to parish councils to spend on projects of their choosing. 


The CIL consultation documents include the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (the official document containing the proposed rates), a non-technical summary document, and a Frequently Asked Questions guide.

To read these documents and find out how to send in your comments on them click here

If you have any queries or concerns about the CIL or the consultation exercise, please reply to this thread or contact me, Gareth Giles the CIL Project Manager on 01730 811135.




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I am pleased to see that Parish Coucils will be beneficiaries.  As the grass roots of local government I would suggest that they should receive the major portion of CIL and full consultation and approval of the proposals generating CIL?

Dear Maureen,

Thank you for your reply.  Parish Councils can indeed influence how the CIL is spent by submitting infrastructure projects to the National Park Authority with this form.  Future CIL funds will be spent on infrastructure projects short-listed from the 'Infrastructure Delivery Plan' .  If you visit that weblink you will find the submission form and a presentation given to all parish councils in 2013.  The way that CIL funds will be approved for spending in future is still being considered but I will keep you posted on this forum.

The development proposals which will generate CIL (mainly new homes and supermarkets) will be subject to consultation with parish councils through the usual planning application process as at present.

Best wishes,

Gareth Giles

Big problem, SDNP boundary cuts across Parish Boundaries, most CIL will be generated outside NP on the overcrowded BWL Coastal Plain.

Officials and Politicians unlikely to fund much needed Country Parks and Nature Reserves outside their patch.

Lot of EC Stewardship money paid to Landowners inside SDNP but no clear statement how it is being spent for the public good.

Typical access shambles to highpoint of SDNP. "How do I open this gate?" ... no livestock.

Washout from neglected dew-pond.

Green gate blocking ancient trackway for benefit of farmstead which has gone "residential" ?

SSSI in poor state.


Dear John,


Thank you for your reply.  Many of the parishes within the South Downs National Park do indeed cross our administrative boundary into the neighbouring local authorities and for that reason we have very good working relationships with those authorities to ensure our work does not stop at the border.


Specifically concerning the CIL, funds collected from new development can be passed across administrative boundaries to provide supporting infrastructure which may be in a different local authority area.  The National Park Authority is keen to work with parishes and neighbouring authorities to provide the right infrastructure in the right place - wherever the originating development occurs.  For us, this may be the provision of new or enhanced green infrastructure, river catchment area improvements or biodiversity corridors near to development that is built outside of the National Park boundary.  However, the emerging Local Plan may also allocate a level of new homes within the boundary which will generate CIL for the direct benefit of the National Park.

Best wishes

Gareth Giles

CIL Project Manager (SDNPA)


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