Some of you may have seen the “Rome’s Lost Empire” programme on BBC on Sunday with Dan Snow and Sarah Parcak and seen how effective Lidar surveys are to find the archaeology in woodland in Romania and at the ancient site of Portus – Rome’s port now partly under the airport. This is just the technology we hope to use if we succeed in the stage two bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund to uncover the hidden history of the woods in the project area lying between the River Arun and the A3. And whilst we’re talking about technology old and new – Lidar might help identify the sites of some of the ancient windmills that have been discussed in the wind energy for communities discussion. The windmills that survived into the 19th century are captured on early Ordnance Survey maps and others, like the one on the Trundle near Chichester, can still be seen as a mound, but there may be more we don’t know about.


To help support the bid we are working with Fiona Elliott of DBA Consulting to identify the different ways people can get involved in the project and she will be doing some consultation work in the project area in the next few weeks. Fiona and NPA staff are also talking with a range of potential partners in the project – for the forestry and woodland managers, parish councillors in the project area and the libraries and heritage sites.


The plan is to submit the Stage 2 bid to the HLF in early March for a decision in late June – if we are successful the Lidar flight can be in early 2014 and community activity would start later that year.


For more information contact Anne Bone through the forum or email

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Hi John,

Thanks for your comments, the potential is huge. I have just posted some more information and a short survey on the forum and am letting you know in case you were interested in finding out more about the project. Thanks, Fiona


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